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It’s a pleasure and a great honour for us to give this message on the auspicious occasion of launching of the official website of
Pak Arabian Ostrich Company. Since the red and white meat is an important component of the human meal, the government and the private sector strive to provide the fresh and Halal meat to the masses of the country. The Pak Arabian Ostrich Company has been established with the intention to fulfill the needs of the people of Pakistan from all strata of life as well as other countries for the protein full and high quality red meat and other luxurious leather and feather products of the biggest flightless bird in the world native to Africa and Australia. With our enthusiasm and strive the Pak Arabian Ostrich Company shall be considered and declared a well reputed and renowned company for the meat and other products of Ostrich in near future Inshallah. It is quite possible that some of the people of our country consciously and considerably think on the religious point and may not believe that the meat and other products of the Ostrich are Halal or legitimate.

We have no doubt to pronounce that the meat and other products of the Ostrich are purely Halal and are being used in the Muslim countries as well. In the Harmain Al Shareefain the cleaning mob made of feathers of the Ostrich are utilized. For strengthening our believe we have attained the Fatwa on its legitimating from the very distinguished and renowned Religious Scholars from all cults of the country and contained it in our website. May Allah bestow his blessings on all of our countrymen and keep us alive with health and happiness.




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